Monday, October 3, 2011

5 Tips to Build a Jewelry Wardrobe

Yes, we always see articles on how to build our wardrobe and personal style, but here's a fun article we came across that teaches us how to build our JEWELRY wardrobe.  Ali Galgano is the founder of a great jewelry website .  If you like our collection, then you'll like her picks.  In the latest article of People StyleWatch, Ali takes us through what we need. 

Here's a recap:

- Start with gold earrings - "they go with nearly every outfit and flatter all skin tones and faceshapes!"
- Go for a statement necklace - Look for pieces that have  "bring-down-the-house impact!"  Hello!!  can we say CLC?  :)
- Mix and match bracelets - "Its all about layering..."
- Collect personal pieces - "Find things you like wearing daily.."
- Try a trend - "The must haves for fall are....necklaces in gold tones with brown, deep blue, and green accents."

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