Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celebrate Valentine's Day In Style

Need inspiration for your Valentine's Day outfit?  Shop our newest releases for the most up-to-date, swoon worthy accent pieces.  Order now in order to ensure delivery by February 14.

Monday, January 20, 2014

{Our Vendor Series} Meet Lalai

This is the 2nd post in a series that focuses on the small businesses Cayetano Legacy Collection works with in the Philippines. 

As first generation Filipino Americans it’s important to us to do what we can to help the beautiful, but still third world country of the Philippines.  Growing up our parents, like many other Filipino American families, continued to send money, goodies and whatever they could back to friends and family in the Philippines, doing their small part in helping change the economic status out there. 

When we started Cayetano Legacy Collection we knew we wanted to somehow use this business to help impact way of life there in the Philippines, either by bringing awareness to the beauty coming from the country and hopefully increasing tourism there, or by somehow directly creating job and financial opportunities for the Filipino citizens.  We wanted to give ‘hand ups, not hand outs’, so instead of just donating a portion of the proceeds of sales, we decided to work heavily with small, women owned Filipino businesses to create our artisan products. 

Though traditional statement jewelry found here in the US are manufactured in large, automated plants, our products continue to be handmade by beautiful, inspirational, hard working women.  We’d love to introduce you to these women who work so closely with us, while also building their own businesses.  In the second of this series, please meet Lalai. 

Lalai’s creations are some of our most bold necklaces; most notably our Maximina style that is consistently one of our most popular. 

The Cayetano Sisters

Lalai’s Story

I’m 34 years old now and have spent the past 12 years making handcrafted jewelry.  I started handcrafting while also managing my aunt’s store, to support my studying.  [Schooling is very important.]

Three years ago I met sisters Karen and Gail [on one of their trips to the Philippines].  I was flattered they liked my chip necklace so much, and that was the start of us working together.  I most enjoy what I do when customers appreciate my work and designs like [Cayetano Legacy] does.  I feel so lucky and happy for partners like this who continue to help my business grow through their business, advice, and direction.

[The company] has exposed my work and designs to such a big audience through the internet and sales in other countries…. And that has really helped me support my family.  I have four [wonderful] kids and a family that encourages what I do professionally.  That is all I can ask for – a prosperous business and good health.  [As long as I have that for me and my family], I am happy.    

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Special Holiday Collaboration} Caviar Noir for Cayetano Legacy Collection

This holiday season we’re thrilled to partner with fellow accessories line Caviar Noir.  What struck us about the collection and its founder & head designer, Julie Ann Ramos, are the many similarities between us:  we (clearly) love bold looks, we’re influenced by our Filipina American backgrounds in all that we do, we have the same affinity for boutique shopping and no matter where we go, we are Jersey girls at heart!  But what really convinced us that this is a brand we want to collaborate with is that despite all our similarities, Julie clearly has a different vision for her line’s bold style; she uses a lot of strong, tough metals – though we all have the same end result of ‘making a statement’ in mind, the process in which we get there varies, and we love that.    

Julie has created a 4-piece Caviar Noir hair accessories capsule line with our Cayetano Legacy Collection audience in mind, available now through the Holiday 2013 season exclusively on 

Get an inside look into Caviar Noir through Julie here:  

CLC:  What inspired you to start your own line?
Caviar Noir:  It all started with my desire to wear body jewelry and, at the time, body jewelry was not easily available as much as it is today. So I created my own look by attaching chains together. I wore my creation out to events and it was a hit. Many people complimented me and even asked where they could get one. By then I knew there was a need for jewelry like that.... and it was my job to make it easily accessible to everyone.

CLC: How would you describe the aesthetic of your pieces?
Caviar Noir:  Edgy yet elegant. My designs have a dichotomous nature that is designed to mold to the individual and their personal style. Whether you decide to wear pearls with leather combat boots, or spikes and skulls with a floral dress, each piece possesses a nature to openly express the different sides of your personality.

CLC: What are your favorite fashion trends and accessories?
Caviar Noir:  I am so happy the early 90's fashion trends are back. Crop tops and A-line! I also love the biker chic look. Black and leather is all I ever wear nowadays. I love how we are transitioning into wearing bolder statement jewelry. After all, CLC and Caviar NOIR designs are bold! 

CLC: Speaking of, what inspired you to create these four capsule pieces with Cayetano Legacy Collection?
Caviar Noir: I am in my goth phase now... so many of my newer designs are dark and edgy. I thought it would be an interesting combo to create hair pieces that express the intricate beadwork of CLC's designs and put a noir spin on it.  I am so excited and honored to be doing a collaboration with CLC.  I have always been inspired by their ability to be successful women in business. Being a Filipino American, I am proud that CLC has given the world the opportunity to see how beautiful the Philippine culture is. 

CLC: And lastly, how will you be celebrating the holidays?
Caviar Noir:  I'm lining up trunkshows in the upcoming months so hopefully I'll be very busy for the holidays. These hair pieces make great presents...wink wink =)

Shop now to get your choice of items from this Caviar Noir capsule collection: 

Monday, November 4, 2013

{Partnership} BECCA Cosmetics and Cayetano Legacy Collection

Interested in booking a boutique or private holiday trunk show?  Please contact your market rep now:

New York City
Jessica D'Andraia

Jessica Healey

Carmelia Rameau

Jessica D'Andraia

Monica Veneziano

Allyson Duckworth

Raquel Flores

For all other markets please contact: 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stuff We Love: Getting Ready For the Holiday Party Season

The holidays are right around the corner (!!!!!) so of course we’re planning out all of the moving pieces that take us from work during the day straight to those holiday gatherings at night (it’s never too early for us to start planning our most wonderful time of the year).  We love the holiday season.  Love, love, love it.  Did we mention we love it? Party season, we’re ready for you. 
Here are some essentials that we’re putting on our ‘order’ list right now, all of which can be found on Cayetano Legacy Collection or Caribbean Shopping Channel’s online marketplace.  

Skinny Girl On The Go Bars are delicious.  Really.  They’re perfect for snacking on in the car driving to the party, or riding in that cab on the way to that evening’s events… We want all the energy we can get, and want it in the most delicious form possible. 

Urban Originals Avante-Garde Clutch.  We are loving structured bags and how they effortlessly pull a great outfit together, so how thrilling is it to see this hot square black clutch with gold metal frame at an affordable price?  It also comes in blue, white or pink, but we just love how the black can work with any color.        

YSL Brown Leather Case.  We are big fans of YSL here; especially Christine (just check out her closet).  What we love about this YSL case is that its size makes it perfect to throw into any purse, and whip out at any moment when you need to jot down the names of some people you met at the party that you don’t want to forget, or grab that email address of that person you want to do business with.  Yes we can type it into our phones, but we think pulling phones out during parties make us look disinterested in what’s going on.  However pulling out this YSL case makes us look professional AND stylish ;)   
Avon Nail Polish Remover.  We treat our nail polish just like any important accessory – we swap it out to work with our outfit.  That’s why this Avon nail polish remover is an essential for us; we can take the nail polish pads anywhere on-the-go to remove our current polish and then apply our new nail color.  Efficiency is our middle name. 

Cayetano Legacy Collection Olivia White Statement Necklace.  We try to love all of our pieces equally like any proud parent would, but we just can’t stop pairing this Olivia White necklace with so many of our outfits.  It’s so versatile with its white stone color and neutral beading.  If you want it to be a staple in your closet too, we recommend grabbing it now while it’s on sale! 

Mark Party Lines SkirtA black skirt is the perfect clothing piece to transition from day to night.  We found one that is both work-appropriate and party-ready; what gets us is the subtle leather style trim on the edge of this faux wrap around skirt.
So ladies and gentlemen, that’s our list, or the beginning of one at least, as we prep for the holidays!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing our company’s holiday plans, new products, special trunk shows, etc., so stay tuned – we want you all to be involved! 


Karen, Gail and Christine

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dallas and Miami, We're Hiring! Join the CLC Team!




Company:  Cayetano Legacy Collection, Inc. 

Date of posting:  7/16/2013

Location:  Miami, Dallas (works remotely)

Reports to:  Creative Strategy Director

Interested candidates please send resume to:


If You Are A Fashion, Style and Events Lover…

Now you have the opportunity to help build our fashion business around your passion, while staying deeply connected within the fashion industry. We are looking for an innovative, resourceful, and organized person with a great sense of personal style to join our creative strategy team, representing each of the cities listed above.  As a Creative Strategist, you’ll earn money by sharing your insider styling expertise and CLC’s seasonal collections with women who love statement fashion.  You will be the eyes and ears for CLC in your market; and the face of the company to the region.    

Cayetano Legacy Collection has a hand-selected staff of energetic, smart and engaged individuals in cities across the country who are raising awareness of CLC.  These Creative Strategists plan and execute marketing and sales campaigns that span in online and offline channels, all designed to engage and grow a strong local Cayetano Legacy Collection fashion community.  We are hiring Creative Strategists in both Miami and Dallas to expand this staff. 

Make It Your Career… 

  • Trunk Shows – You will plan and host trunk shows at private residences, boutiques, spas, etc. (you can get as creative as you’d like!), where you will introduce your guests to the CLC brand, showcase your favorite pieces, and make sales
  • Networking – It’s not about how many connections you have – it’s about how many you make.   As you help build the CLC brand, you will cultivate relationships with other area CLC fans and partners who want to host trunk shows , in which you will offer your support and expertise.  Overall, you will seed and develop relationships with market influencers, ultimately leading to increased brand visibility
  • Influence Brand Advocates -  You will have the opportunity to spread awareness for the business by getting others excited and passionate about the brand
  • Public Relations -  You will work with local stylists, morning shows, newspapers, magazines, etc., to feature CLC jewelry in their pieces
  • HQ-Driven Events – You will have the opportunity to work with other CLC staff both on a local and on a national level, at events and appearances – newscasts, wine festivals, pop-up shops and more!
  • Social Media – Use social media as a marketing tool to showcase jewelry and ultimately drive sales: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc.

Is This You?  We Are Looking For Someone Who…

  • Has a great sense of personal style
  • Understands the fashion industry
  • Is entrepreneurial, motivated, and, most of all, sales-driven .  She or he is well versed in measuring and driving grassroots marketing and sales strategies.  An orientation towards business objectives and strategic thinking are the underpinnings.
  • Has a fresh progressive mindset, creative ideas and clever approaches that should be balanced with proven successes
  • Adapts and thinks fast on his or her feet.  The candidate should enjoy navigating quickly across a wide array of topics and issues and artfully touch a lot of areas and metros at once
  • Loves meeting new people and branching out of their circle
  • Startup energy and flexibility should be part of the candidate’s DNA
  • Has a penchant for planning fun get-togethers (are you the one in your group who is always making the plans?  Coming up with creative gatherings?  Informing everyone of the newest restaurant, boutique or trends?)  
  • Keeps strong attention to detail
  • Has a pre-existing network of relevant contacts and the thirst to build more relationships  
  • Most importantly, has a deep rooted understanding of the city and the surrounding area


This is a part time, commission-only position.  Monthly sales goals to be discussed.

The CLC Benefits…. 

  • You Make Your Own Schedule - You have complete control over your schedule
  • We Provide You With What You Need  - A selection of CLC pieces on loan for your trunk shows, Line Sheets, Marketing Material, Business Cards, Training Materials, and Promotional Offers for you and the audience in your region
  • Commissions, Jewelry on Loan, Deep Discounts & Additional Parks- You receive commission on every sale you make.  And as part of the CLC team, you will receive generous product loans every season, a deep 50% discount off CLC merchandise and additional perks as they come up.
  • Exclusive Access to Behind-the-Scenes Action – If you’ve always wanted to be part of the fashion industry, this is the perfect opportunity to get a firsthand look at our design, production and marketing processes, through execution.   From opportunities to be a face of the company on morning shows, to attending fashion shows in your area, this will allow you access into the wonderful world of fashion.


* * *

About Cayetano Legacy Collection, Inc.

Formed in 2011, the Cayetano Legacy Collection Inc. fashion label focuses on creating classic women’s jewelry in stunning statement, modern settings.  The company was founded by three sisters Karen Cayetano Leano, Gail Cayetano Classick and Christine Cayetano Brigino, after recognizing a need for women’s accessories showcasing the beautifully sourced material from the Philippine Islands.  In just its first two years, the company has gained worldwide attention through features in major press outlets such as BRAVO, The Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine, Bella Magazine, CBS and more. We are currently a featured emerging designer at Henri Bendel Flagship, Fifth Avenue NYC. For a complete list of products, visit or on Facebook at .