Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trunk Show at Parc Boutique in Minneapolis!!

Yey!!  we're looking forward to collaborating with one of our favorite boutiques in the Twin Cities, Parc Boutique during this year's fall MNfashion week.  Think of a chic, cool, west coast casual vibe  - that's what you get when you enter the calming blue decor with gorgeous chandeliers there at Parc. Here's your chance to view their latest fall collection along with Cayetano Legacy's fall styles.  Here are the details.  Hope to see you there!! 

What: Cayetano Legacy trunk show along with Parc Boutique's Fall Collection Preview
When: Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011 during MNfashion week
Time: 5-7pm
Where:  Parc Boutique, 320 East Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

 The Cayetano Legacy Collection jewelry is hitting the Twin Cities!! We will be showcasing our jewelry during MNfashion week at Parc Boutique's fall collection preview event.

Here's your chance to see our jewelry in person and purchase them at reduced prices of up to 40% off regular retail prices. We'll have our newly launched fall collection as well as never before seen pieces. Models will be serving hors d’oeuvres and complimentary wine by Solo by Bonicelli.
Parc Boutique will also be holding a 20% off sale.
In addition Parc Boutique models will be styled by Beauty Lounge and photography by Canary Grey.

Stop by for a fabulous time and to pick up some of the latest fall trends!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ten Principles of Power

By Karen

I came a across a great article in the October 2011 issue of the magazine, Essence, called "The 10 principles of Power, " - by Lonnae O'neal Parker - (coincidentally, the beautiful Michelle Obama graced the cover of this issue)

As co-founders of Cayetano Legacy Collection, the 3 of us sisters strive to be thought leaders in entrepreneurship, fashion, and philanthropy. Of course, being that we all have different personalities, different lifestyles, different points of view, being a leader comes naturally to some of us more than the other. I'm sure our birth order plays a role in it too :)

I wanted to share bits and pieces of this great article, because even though some people are natural born leaders, its not to say, others can't work at becoming a great leader themselves. 

As Parker says, "What does it take to be a true leader? To start, you must be willing to embrace your strengths. Apply these ten essential traits of power players, for a swift climb up the ladder of success."

1) They keep the end in sight - a good leader has the ability to focus
2) They collaborate - a good leader shares resources and empowers others
3) They are servant leaders - a good leader recognizes a purpose greater than themselves
4) They chart their own course - a good leader actually makes their dreams a reality
5) They reinvent themselves - a good leader is a risk taker and goes with the flow
6) They help others achieve - a good leader knows how to be part of a support group for those around them
7) They take the initiative - a good leader is a self starter
8) They love to learn - a good leader is humble and realizes they don't know everything; they want to learn more
9) They fight for a good cause - a good leader is willing to make sacrifices to fight for what is right
10) they are change agents - a good leader "has an ability to do something wonderful...leaders have a higher power to call upon, some larger connection outside of work."

Are you doing everything to be a leader in your life, in your community, at work?  Everyone has the power to embrace their strengths and share it with the world. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

FNO Winners

Thank you all so so much for a great turnout for our Fashion Night Out Online Soiree!!  We're so happy you're loving the fall line and we hope all the winners enjoy their fabulous new pieces!!! Here's what our lovely winners won:

Heather H from Miami, FL
Liz G, Thousand Oaks, CA
Melissa G, Chicago, IL

Anna L, Miami FL
Bonnie H, Indianapolis, IN

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exclusive Design for FNO

Here she is!!  Our exclusive design made especially for our Fashion Night Out party.  We gave our Josefina from our summer line a rock/glam twist using black crystals and red coral. How ah-mazzing did it turn out?  We wanted to keep in line with the FNO color scheme - so here she is :)  Looking forward to giving her a new home to a lucky winner tomorrow night.  Be sure to shop with us tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Street Style

Hanneli Mustaparta
One of the world's most famous fashion blogger -
known for her impeccable street style

Street Style really is an art.  Looking effortless and casual while looking chic - and NOT frumpy - is something most people have to perfect.  We found this great article from www.thechicfashionista.com  with great info on street style and street fashion:

So What Exactly is Street Fashion?

It's style created by youth culture - mostly by young people on the streets of large urban areas. They don't necessarily follow what's "in" but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood. And since since they create an outfit based completely on their persona, it looks really good because they feel comfortable in it! It is usually a bit eclectic - very mixed but up-to-date.


How Do You Achieve Street Style?

You'll have to experiment and express yourself with pieces that reflect your personality.
Mix your overall style with quirky and unconventional pieces that reflect your "other personality".  It's a lot about putting together an outfit that has a "hook".
Street fashion is all about looking casual, showing personality and having fun!

We were loving all the polyvore.com submits of people's own street style
 using our necklaces that we thought - why not showcase our loyal customers
 and followers in our Cayetano Legacy Collection pieces.  Why not show
 you our designs in action?  So  - we're so excited to announce that we're
creating a "street style" page on our website where you can see how people around the world are incorporating our CLC designs int their everyday style. 

 So, without much further adeui, we'd like to introduce you to: